NRSB Approved Courses

Course # Name Credits
C-101 Radon & Radon Decay Product Measurement Course - Entry Level for Measurement Certification  
C-102 Radon Mitigation Technology - Entry Level for Mitigation Certification  
C-2-101 Codes and Standards Update for Installing Radon Systems in New Home Construction 2
C-4-103 Radon from a Physician's Perspective 4
C-4-104 Interviews with Radon Experts 4
C-4-105 Radon Control Methods 4
C-4-110 Addressing RDP - Another Tool in the Toolbox 4
C-4-112 Radon Response for Schools and Commercial Buildings 4
C-4-113 Application of HRV/ERV's for Radon Reduction 4
C-4-115 Device Specific Training for E-Perms 4
C-8-101 RRNC Practices: An Industry Discussion of Current Approaches to Radon Control 8
C-8-102 Health Perspectives for Promoting RRNC 8
C-8-104 Design & Installation of Radon and Soil Gas Collections Systems 8
C-8-106 Technical Review of Rn Meas & Mitig Techniques for Radon Professionals (CERTI-326) 8
C-8-107 Incorporation of Rn Control Techniques in New Construction - 2020 (CERTI-503) 8
C-8-108 Radon Challenges - Gnarly Tales from the Field - Part II (CERTI-8000) 8
C-12-102 Radon Entry Measurement in Tropical Climates & Karst 12
C-12-103 Advanced Rn Measurements for Multi-Family and Other Large Bldgs 12
C-16-103 Radon Mitigation Technology - 16 CE 16
C-16-104 Radon Measurement & Mitigation in KARST and Tropical Climates 16
C-16-105 Basis for Promoting Radon Reduction 16
C-16-107 Review of Entry Level Measurement 16
C-16-108 Addressing Radon in Daycare Facilities - Radon Management Plan 16
C-16-109 Radon Challenges - Gnarly Tales from the Field 16
C-16-111 Presenting Radon Programs 16
C-16-112 Radon MItigation Fundamentals 16
C-24-102 Radon Mitigation Technology - 24 CE 24
C-24-103 Review of Entry Level Measurement - 24 CE 24